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Why is the Go For 2&5 Club & Centre Toolkit Important?

The Go For 2&5 Club & Centre Toolkit aims to support the growth and development of Clubs & Centres by outlining minimum requirements, best practice, and add-ons, in the form of policies and resources. Athletics West have developed the Go For 2&5 Club and Centre Toolkit to support affiliates with their governance requirements and assist with operating an Athletics Club or Centre that is building safe and inclusive environments. 


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Toolkit for Little Athletics Centre Toolkit for Senior Athletics Club Toolkit for One Clubs


Benefits to Clubs and Centres:

  • Allows Clubs & Centres to create and set a standard of best practices for current and future committees
  • Support growth and development of your Club & Centre
  • Assist with attracting new participants, officials and members by creating a positive and safe environment, while retaining those you already have
  • Help to attract new sponsors


Rewards & Recognition:

  • Certificate of achievement
  • Jpeg file of accreditation logo to be used by your Club or Centre for promotional purposes such as website & social media 
  • Acknowledgment on Athletics West website
  • Acknowledgment on Athletics West social pages
  • Money towards ongoing development of coaches, officials, and volunteers 


How to use the Go For 2&5 Club Toolkit?

The Go For 2&5 Club Toolkit has three levels:




Bronze Level is the foundation level outlining minimum standards of policies for Clubs & Centres to have. This level includes requirements required to be completed to affiliate with Athletics West. 

Silver Level is the develop level outlining process that Clubs and Centres can implement to improve beyond minimum standards. 

Gold Level is the excelling level with modules and best practices policies for Club and Centres to implement upon completing Silver level requirements.


At each level, clubs & centres will be asked:





Each level of the toolkit has been designed specifically based on a Club or Centres affiliation category (Little Athletics Centre, Senior Athletics Centre, One Sport). Clubs & centres will only be required to complete the relevant toolkit requirements. 



  • Clubs and Centres can apply for accreditation at any time, by providing supporting documents and evidence relating to the level they are applying for to Athletics West for assessment. 
  • Clubs and Centres must successfully achieve Bronze level accreditation before receiving Silver. 
  • Clubs and Centres must successfully achieve Silver level accreditation before receiving Gold. 
  • Should compliance be achieved, Clubs and Centres will receive recognition awards for the relevant level. 
  • Clubs and Centres must demonstrate accreditations has been maintained every 12 months.


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Toolkit for Little Athletics Centre Toolkit for Senior Athletics Club Toolkit for One Clubs


How can we help

Athletics West staff are available to provide an information session on the Go For 2&5 Centre and Club Toolkit to your Club/Centre committee.

If your Centre or Club wants to learn more, please request a visit by emailing with the following details:

- a contact person's name
- email and
- a prefered date and time

Information sessions can be tailored depending on what area of the toolkit your Club or Centre needs help with.