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Officials FAQs

Officials are responsible for judging the various events within track and field. Officials are a valuable and essential part of track and field and in most cases volunteer their time for the benefit of a large number of athletes. Athletics relies heavily on officials to keep the sport going and we are always looking for people willing to become involved in officiating. There is always a role for everyone.

To be involved in Athletics West events, officials must be registered with Athletics West. This helps us maintain open communication with the officials and also lets us know what you wish to get out of your officiating experience at athletics and provides us with emergency contact details. You can Complete the registration form here.

All officials registered with Athletics West are automatically covered by the association insurance policy during any sanctioned competition or training/development courses.

  • Work as a member of a team
  • Work under pressure
  • Have good people skills
  • Know the rules
  • Exercise punctuality
  • Tact and Patience
  • Alertness
  • Aware of surroundings
  • Be inconspicuous
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

For further information regarding rules, policies and resources please visit the Athletics Australia website.

Courses range from level 0 to level 5 and 5. Once obtaining a certificate, depending on the level the sky is the limit.  Many AWA officials have officiated at major meets, including, Australian, Commonwealth Games and major national meets.

For example, the Level 0 - Introduction to Officiating is a great start for those thinking about becoming an Athletics Official.

The Introductory Officiating General Principles on-line course has been developed to assist Officials in learning the basic skills they will need to officiate effectively. This is not compulsory for Athletics Officials but is strongly recommended. The course contains three modules, which cover a range of general officiating topics, including ethical responsibilities of Officials, preparation for officiating, safety, communication, dealing with conflict and people management. This course is offered through the Australian Sports Commission Learning Portal

Level 0 - Anyone
Introduction to Officiating (an Australian Sports Commission course).

Level 1 - Club/Centre/ School Official
Basic Grading – aimed at officials wishing to officiate at a local/ club/ centre/school level

Level 2 - State Official
Aimed at officials wishing to be appointed as a Chief or Referee at State level and a Chief at a National level.

Level 3 - National Official
Aimed at Officials wishing to be appointed as a Chief or Referee or Competition Management at a National level.

Level 4 and 5 - IAAF Technical Officials
IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme TOECS Level 2 (Diploma) conducted by the Oceania Regional Development Centre.
IAAF Technical Officials Education Certification Scheme TOECS Level 3 (Diploma) conducted by the IAAF.
Level 4 and 5 Officials, can officiate at all major championships.

You’d be surprised about the many and varied roles our officials play. Here’s a list of just some of the roles filled by Officials:

  • Jumps - Judges
  • Throws - Judges
  • Track – Marshall, Lap Scorers, Starter, Starter’s Assistants, Timekeepers, Photo Finish Judges and Transponder Timing Judges, Umpires (Running & Race Walking Events)
  • Administration - Competition Secretary, Technical Information Centre, Competition Director
  • Equipment - Technical Manager, Wind Guage operator, Measurement Judge
  • Announcer
  • Call Room Judges

The Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme (AAOES) is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Coles Little Athletics Australia, providing a seamless and transparent education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials. The scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and follows best industry practice, with online learning coupled with face-to-face delivery. The aim of the Australian Athletics Officials’ Education Scheme is to ensure an effective and efficient education framework is provided to guarantee Australian Athletics Officials remain world leaders in event delivery at all levels of athletic competition.

Like other organisations that work with children, all volunteers must have a current working with children's checks. To find out more or register visit the Working With Children website

For more information please contact Athletics West on 08 6272 0480 or email