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Athletics Australia and Athletics West are committed to providing participation and development opportunities to all First Nations communities. Athletics Australia is investing in Member Associations to provide opportunities for the expansion of our programs in each state and territory, increasing access to Athletics for all.

Athletics for the Outback

Athletics for the Outback is focused on engaging regional and remote communities. This program is committed to long term and sustainable relationships with the communities we visit. The aim of Athletics for the Outback is to create relevant programs through a consultation process prior to delivery.

Athletics for the Outback comprises the following elements: 

  • Kids Athletics Clinics
  • School Clinics
  • Team Development
  • Event Development
  • Running Clubs
  • Teacher Upskilling
  • Athletics Carnivals
  • Community Coaching Courses

If you would like Athletics for the Outback to visit your region/community or would like more information on Raise the Bar, please contact Kyle Ennis, First Nations Coordinator, Athletics West at