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The Target Talent Program (TTP) is Athletics Australia’s (AA’s) early talent identification strand of their High-Performance Pathway Strategy.  In Western Australia, the program is managed and delivered by the Western Australian Institute of Sport (WAIS) in accordance with AA principles, with valued support from Athletics West.   

In 2023 the Athletics Australia Target Talent program (TTP) aims to offer a flexible education model incorporating online Webinars and an associated Learning portal in conjunction with Practical Masterclasses run by WAIS with support from Athletics West.

TTP will aim to offer a greater environment for athletes to gain further knowledge to aid their performance development towards achieving higher performance standards.

The TTP Award will be managed by Athletics Australia and supported by WAIS and Athletics West. 

Target Talent Program Award

Athletes are able to achieve the TTP Bronze, Silver and Gold Award by completing each of the units offered through the use of the AA learning Portal and Webinars, hosted by the Athletics Australia Pathway Discipline Coordinators and experienced coaches.

To achieve the TTP Award each year, athletes will need to engage in the following:

  • Complete all education Webinars and the required online assessment
  • Complete a Goal Setting unit upon selection and Season Review at the end of the competition season.
  • Participate in at least 1 Practical Masterclass.


Education Webinars

The following webinars will be available at different times throughout the year and scheduled by Athletics Australia

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sport Psychology
  • Athlete Wellbeing
  • Injury Risk Reduction
  • Biomechanics
  • Performance Planning


Webinar Date





June 14th

How to stay Healthy

Bryce Anderson

(Click Here)

Sport Psychology

July 12th

Defining and refining consistent, repeatable psychological processes

Jacqui Sandland

(Click Here)

Injury Risk Reduction

August 16th

Loads and Monitoring

Rob Mullard

(Click Here)


September 13th

Training intensity distribution & periodisation

Bryce Anderson

(Click Here)

Athlete Wellbeing & Engagement

October 11th

Values, Purpose and Strengths

Belinda Creer

(Click Here)


November 8th

Skill Acquisition and Learning

Tarryn Elvish / Kirstie Turner

(Click Here)

Performance Planning

December 6th

Performance Execution

Adam Didyk

(Click Here)


Practical Masterclass

The aim is to connect High Performance Staff / Coaches / Athletes with talented athletes in each state.






Masterclass 1 (Practical) November 11th 2023 Sprints Andrew Murphy  (Click Here)
Masterclass 2 (Practical) March 16th 2024 MIddle Distance Justin Rinaldi (Click Here)


More Information

More information is available on the Athletics Australia website

Able- Bodied Pathway

Paralympic Pathway

For any queries regarding TTP in Western Australia, please email Grant Ward at