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Published Wed 08 May 2024

Since the merge of Little Athletics WA and Athletics WA in July 2020, Athletics West has continued to affiliate with both national bodies, Little Athletics Australia, and Athletics Australia. During this period, the Board of Athletics West has monitored the dual affiliation arrangement and has assessed that this is not a sustainable or viable model for the sport to move forward. 

Following the unsuccessful motion to merge the national bodies in 2021, Athletics West has explored various opportunities to streamline and reduce the complication and duplication of dual national affiliation. However, the ongoing affiliation with two separate national bodies comes at a cost, in time, financial, human resource utilisation and lack of competition and marketing alignment.  

While Athletics West have endeavoured to develop an alternative affiliation model with Little Athletics Australia, no viable alternative has been identified.  

Therefore, it is the Board’s preferred option that Athletics West consider an affiliation solely with Athletics Australia and non-affiliation with Little Athletics Australia for the 2024-25 season and beyond. 

“Continued affiliation with two national bodies is not a sustainable or effective use of resources, which is why the Board is now considering, with membership input, non-affiliation with Little Athletics Australia an option,” said Athletics West Chair Tim Lyons.  

“While this will require a change to the organisation’s constitution, it will not change the cornerstone Saturday morning experience that so many people have loved and will continue to enjoy.” 

A business case for change has been developed and presented to WA’s Little Athletics Centres, Senior Clubs and One Clubs, and can be found HERE.

“Our vision for Athletics West to be a ‘one sport bringing a great athletics experience to all’ remains the same, and we believe will be strengthened through this motion. We strongly urge our community to review the business case and provide feedback to their Centre or Club as we move through this process.” 

What does this mean for my Athletics Centre or Club?  

There will be no noticeable difference or impact on the way Centres or Clubs operate in the 2024-25 season. All Little Athletics WA Centres and One Clubs would continue to deliver their athletics program across all age groups as they currently do. 

As part of Athletics West’s commitment to continually reviewing the way it operates, there may be changes in the 2025-26 season and beyond. 

What are the next steps? 



Feedback from Centres and Clubs on proposed changes. 

8 to 31 May 2024 

Detailed transition plan, including FAQ’s developed 

May to June 2024 

Centre and Club Webinars – respond to feedback and questions.  

10 & 11 June 2024 

Special General Meeting document preparation and consultation 

June & July 2024 

Special General Meeting for members to vote on national affiliation model.  

7 August 2024 


Athletics West will now work with Centres and Clubs to gather feedback on the proposed changes and develop resources to support the motion.  

For any queries, please contact Athletics West at or 08 6272 0480. 

By Athletics West 

Posted on 8 May 2024